Saturday, November 6, 2010

well that took longer than I thought!

Thought I would do a quick digi page or two this afternoon.

I have to say its not quite as satisfactory as playing with real paper and photos, but still...story told.

I would have done another page, except the photos I wanted to use were on a memory stick that needed I can't get the darned things off (although, thought here! computer they came from was XP, so might boot up my own old XP version machine and see if it will accept them!).

Anyhow, technical issues aside, I have managed to come up with one page! Feeling the need for bright today (not sure it suits the photo)... in our bed

Not sure if you can enlarge this image, but its basically about the boy sneaking into our bed on a regular basis, and how he has a startling habit of flinging out a hand whilst asleep and feeling the nose or ear closest to him.

I think I've shared the photo and story before (poor memory!)

This is what I plan - roughly - the printed and finished version to look like, with some thickers as the title. Bad choice of background paper for blogging! but for today I like it mounted on white card with some more orange to back the title onto. When it comes to assembling, I could change my mind. Just cause I can! in our bed lo man, it IS bright, isn't it!

Hmm, perhaps a little less orange might be in order. We'll see!


  1. I think it looks great!
    Man, he is such a cute little button :-)

  2. I really like it. Can't wait to see it fully scrapped.


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