Monday, November 15, 2010

Other crafty capers

_MG_4988 (2)

hey, before I get started, check out that cool bokeh in the photo above. Didn't realise it was there until now! (I think its the fish bowl actually)

Anyhow:  I quickly (well sort of quickly) whipped up the card the other day for a cousin's new arrival - little - very little - patterned paper triangles stuck down with a dab of glue, and then stitched down with my sewing machine. And because I noticed AFTER the fact that the bobbin cotton was a bit oily looking and dirty (from the recent oiling and service carried out by my husband) I then added an inside bit from white card.

I am not sure if the mother of the new baby will be appreciative of a handmade card or not, however I had run out of suitable cards in the stash so it was either handmade, none or a card when I remembered and the baby was about to turn 12!


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