Monday, February 14, 2011

all gone

For the past few weeks, these little rascals have been quite entertaining, and we have spent many a late afternoon lying on the lawn in the shade, with the specific purpose of playing with them.  Quite a nice way to spend time actually.

IMG_5818 (2)This little Blue Dog was my favourite - he concerned me for a little while that he was going to be too shy, too timid, the last to come out when we called them.  But with a lot of love and time on the lawn, he came out of his shell. And was the first to discover how nice it was to live at the house, under the back steps.IMG_5819  And this big girl, so very cheerful and happy, with such a destructive and thumping tail!  She'll do damage with that happy tail when she gets big!

There were two others, but I was slack and didn't get any shots of them before they left, but we'll be seeing one of them again - he went just down the road to friends - and to where his daddy lives! ;-)

And we'll be seeing this boy again too - my father in law took one look, and declared he was taking him home (I would have kept him myself if I could, I have a weakness for stumpy tailed blue dogs!)

IMG_5823 So now its awfully quiet when one comes to the back steps, with no wiggly little bodies there to welcome you with ecstasy, or run away with your thongs (only mine, no one else's) or lick your feet, and chew your toes.  Puppies approach life with such JOY and their affection knows no bounds. 

That being said, we really hope this will be the last litter.  Keeping a close eye on their mother and her behaviour, and any gentlemen dog visitors!


  1. did you say good-bye :(

  2. Oh the kids are going to love to see how they have grown ... I'll show them after school tonight!

  3. I'm not really a dog person myself but puppies are just soooo cute!!!

  4. Who doesn't love puppies?
    And on the bright side maybe they've gone before they've started wreaking too much havoc on boots, ropes, hats and toys with their razor sharp little teeth.
    We're hoping to breed from one of our working girls this year, can imagine the kids when it comes time to ship them off to their new homes!

  5. So so cute! I am keeping my kids well away from this blog cause if they find out you were giving away free puppies and i didn't tell them...well, it's all over for me!!


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