Monday, February 21, 2011

before and afters and being out of practise

Nicole emailed me this morning, wanting to play with one of the photos I took at the cubby house.  Here is a before, straight out of the camera, as I published it.  I am getting l-a-z-y. Live Writer has made me so!

_MG_5835 Here is the AFTER, which I was quite delighted to receive - a photo that I wasn't overly bothered with, suddenly was special!

_MG_5835what a difference!  and then she said I had to scrap it. 

Now, I can't remember how long it is since I have done any scrapbooking whatsoever (since before the Christmas School Holidays) so am feeling most out of practise.  And it shows.  I was originally going to do a double digi page using all of the whole of the cubby house photos, but seeing as apparently I can hardly take any photo without automatically tipping the camera sideways (ie portrait style) I gave up trying to use a template as a bad joke. (remember I am l-a-z-y!)

But instead, I came up with this:

big sister

I started off with this being about the how the cubby house came to be, and how it gets used, but when I ended up with just this photo, the story had to change. Sure, the cubby story will still get told, when I find or make a template to suit, but this story matches the photo.

Based on a CZ template that I butchered  changed a little bit.


  1. Nicole has done a great job on an already lovely photo ... hey, how come you are so obliging when she suggests you scrap? ;-)

  2. Sharon, that's just gorgeous. Isn't it amazing the difference some photo-editing can make!
    Is it steaming, stinking filthy hot up there???

  3. yes Fiona, bloody hot! although its verging towards dry and burny, rather than humid...we want the rest of our wet season, please! while you guys got excellent (or even flooding rain) earlier, our few early storms haven't led to much at all!

  4. Trust Nicole to get you motivated...a lovely gesture.

  5. ooo.. sorry I missed this on Monday - jumped out of blog land for a few days!! I love the layout and you did a good job getting onto scrapping it so quickly. I just love the pic!! Glad I kickstarted your 2011 scrapping season!


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