Friday, February 4, 2011

my sewing machine is in shock

I've used it twice in two days!  Let me show you a before shot:

_MG_5806 (2)New electronic cutting toy there on the shelf - getting dust and gecko poop in it just by its very location.  And if I stick it in a drawer, it wont' get used.  So a solution was needed.

_MG_5808Ta-daaaah!  Dusted off my rusty sewing machine, dug through a very large box of very neglected fabrics, and decided to "bugger it" and cut into this pretty, new and not-cut-into-yet, fabric.  Its a drill weight, and I am pleased that I used it as its a bit heavier and sits nicely in position, on the machine. I like the slightly retro flavour of the fabric (and why can't they use this sort of drill on my work shirts?!  It would be so much nicer to sit behind cow's bums wearing a nice floral drill shirt rather than ordinary plain ones, would it not?!)

I was so pleased with myself that I have today made another cover as a gift, slightly fancier, and have plans for another as well.

Sewing machine in slight shock.  And because I am finding this cover thing so easy and so much fun, I have eyed off the sewing machine itself and think it needs its own pretty cover!  (hope the rainy days hold out!)


  1. I think you are far too clever! It looks fantastic Sharon :-)

  2. Great to see some sewing. Now did you make the dress

  3. ooh I LOVE that fabric! Gorgeous.


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