Thursday, February 3, 2011

not faring too badly!

Woke at 3am with strong winds, went back to sleep.  The winds have increased from about 6am, with some, but not MUCH like predicted, rain (just quietly, we were looking forward to a couple of inches of rain!).  According to the B.O.M, we are within the area of "damaging winds" but apart from a lot of leaves on the ground, and a few broken branches, we are not feeling it too much! (apart from kids going stir crazy already! I have just allowed them to don raincoats and scamper over the shed to play with the puppies...)

So, for those map loving folk, here are the details:

thur am I feel for some good friends of mine, who live on stations right about where that big 2 is right now!  Remember we are west of Charters Towers, near Hughenden, so we are within that nice pinky coloured region at the moment.  Winds are gusty, have long periods of strong wind and driving rain, but then it almost calms.  But nothing too scary, or unlike a normal "storm" apart from the length of time is has been going on for!

sat thur amIt certainly has picked up speed since jumping over the coast last night, travelling very fast now.  Hopefully as it passes we might get some more rain, currently barely enough rain to even water the garden!

I'll take some photos later on, but really, there isn't all that much to see!


  1. Very glad to hear you are all okay! If only we could get a drop or two of that rain - everything here is shrivelling up after 4 days of high heat.

  2. As a self confessed map loving 'folk' I appreciate your visuals today! So, so, so glad all is ok for you up there - I have been very worried about you :-)

  3. glad you guys are okay and thanks for the update, have been thinking about you.

  4. woke at 3am with wind...what did you have for dinner heheheheh
    seriously...really really glad you are fine :)

  5. I'm glad y'all are faring so well that the kiddos can venture outside! That means it's not as bad as they thought it would be. Still praying for y'all!

  6. Hope it's all passed by you by now Sharon. Been thinking of you guys. x


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