Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Starting to Get Busy

and taking things a little more seriously...just in case! Battening down the hatches, as much as one can - picking up crap, things that might blow away and so on.

IDQ65003IDE00035_201102012130The cloud mass doesn't seem quite as wide in this image, but perhaps its tightening up a little.  Anyhow, off to wander around the garden and see if there are any other things that need putting away, husband is busy on forklift shifting all of his accumulated CRAP, lord knows he has much metal stuff that could be deadly if indeed the wind does get here.

I'll come back again later with a report from the now WARNING zone! ;-) 


  1. stay safe...this one is may have to change the name of your blog from the quiet life...I think it will be anything but tonight. They said go into the smallest room in your house.

  2. Good Luck Sharon I am still down the Sunshine Coast but Steve is home with his little dog! he said we have trees down around the house already...I hope your all safe xoxo

  3. Sharon, will be thinking of you today.
    Stay safe.


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