Thursday, February 17, 2011

He wouldn't stay at home

Despite my pleas that he was "too little to go to Kindy!" and that "I will be lonely if you aren't at home with me! who will I talk to? what will I do?!" he went off to Kindy with joy on his face in and a spring in his step.

A lot like his father, this child.  He told me that I could "talk to the dog and the guinea pig, and you can do jobs". 

IMG_5814Kindy is every Tuesday, 40km away, and it goes nearly ALL DAY!  This week was his third week, with the previous two weeks I picked him up early for swimming lessons. This week, due to the little pool being shut, I let him stay until finishing time.

It was such a SAD little boy that I found there.  We'd had a weekend filled with late nights, and he'd gotten up early on both Monday and Tuesday mornings (if the sun is up, and his eyelid is a crack open, its time to get out of bed!).  He fell asleep during quiet time at Kindy, and I have to admit, on the rare occasion that he sleeps at home during the day, he doesn't normally wake up cheerfully.  When he woke up at Kindy (they woke him) he was just sad sad sad.  Despite the efforts of his wonderful teachers, he was most woeful, even after the girls and I arrived.  You've never seen such a heartbreaking scene as this little boy trying SO hard not to cry,holding the sobs back, but tears welling and overflowing, when it was his turn to do a little song/puppet show with a little friend (five little speckled frogs, sitting on a speckled log, eating the most DELICIOUS flies, YUM YUM! one jumped into the pool, where it was nice a cool, then there where four little speck- led frogs.... is that in your head now, playing over and over and over? good!!)

We took the poor, overtired little man home. He had another little nap on the way, clutching his backpack (which he also cried over, as I didn't zip it ALL OF THE WAY SHUT).  He then didn't go to sleep until after 10pm that night.  I know, as when I went to check on him, as I do every night before I have a shower, he had this funny little smile on his face, and when I kissed him, he giggled.

But he still loves Kindy, and won't stay home with me. And he won't be allowed to have a nap at kindy again.  Best for all concerned!


  1. The speckled frogs are a hit here too :-)

    The poor lad, the excitement of it all .... he'll manage better as the year goes on for sure ... you'd better get back to those jobs then ;-)

  2. it's definately mixed emotions when the last one is at kindy. Definately cut that sleep time out you want him sleeping at home at night. He looks happy in the photo!!!

  3. Oh the poor little Guy! What a rough day.

  4. Oh...thats too sad. He will get batter as you know...but it is heart breaking seeing them sad sad sad.

  5. Oh dear. Too little to be big, but too big to be little!
    Only four weeks into the school year and I've already got tired kids. But yes indeed, let them have that afternoon nap and nobody wants to go to bed, and Lord knows I need them to go to bed when I say it's time!

  6. I yes I remember the nightmare of the day nap once they are past a certain age - It ends up being keep the awake at ALL costs!!! And 40km away - WOW!!!


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