Saturday, February 5, 2011

Too big

I bought a necklace and ring set as a gift - which I don't need anymore as I found something better and cooler to give to the recipient.

I like the jewellery, adore the ring, but I dunno...I am short and chubby (snort) in statue, and have fingers that have never ever been long and elegant by you, dear readers, think its too big?!

(please ignore the rainbow nail polish - tried out the birthday girl's nail polish, which is surprisingly very bloody long lasting, and we don't' appear to own any polish remover!)_MG_5813 (5)  It only fits on my ring finger (remember my stout and stubby fingers) which isn't so bad, as I am used to having a ring on that finger (wedding band).  When I wear anything on my other hand it gets in the way and I just keep fiddling with it all of the time.

Oh well, I can always wear it around home as I feed the chooks and mow the lawn! Or put it away out of sight and indeed give it as a gift for someone's birthday or Christmas gift!


  1. It is cute - but boy ... it is a whopper!

  2. Rings like that are very cool around these parts - I love it, but I have to tell you I burst out laoOn't wear such rings myself, I think they would annoy the heck out of me - looks good though)

  3. ooh that comment published weirdly! I wrote that I burst out laughing at your nails!! Too funny. My girls think you are very cool! And the second bit of that comment was that I don't wear such rings myself...even if they do look good.

  4. nails hehehe
    boy you have a big ring...snort!!!!


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