Sunday, February 20, 2011

cubby house

Some time ago, my husband made a rash promise to "build a cubbyhouse" for the kids. Rash, as they hadn't ever forgotten that promise.  And neither had I, putting suggested building designs on the fridge to inspire his building creativity.(somewhat like the images below, although simplified)

imagesCA2W24WJ imagesCAPG7ZRD - Copy

I won't tell you his opinion on my subtle suggestions.

Anyhow, the blessed day came when he announced he had started building the cubby house! From an old cattle crate. Although the hope of a little verandah with ladder seemed dashed, the kids were excited, as a cubby is a cubby, no matter what.  Even though after the initial announcement, it took quite some time for the thing to be actual useable.

But it is now! (even though we need to make the floor, um, not dirt, with some rubber belting)

IMG_5837Always finding or acquiring stuff for free or in exchange for a carton of beer, or "take this away before I dump it" (you should see my back paddock, sigh)  The Husband had a nice pile of colour bond roofing cover sheets that he screwed onto the metal frame of the old cattle crate for the walls and roof. Some time with the cut off saw and welder, and he made windows and doors.

IMG_5839It backs onto the car shed, so he only had to wall in one side and the ends. It resides under a big old tree, near the sandpit and swings, and is furnished with spare school desks, and my old dishwasher, and other assorted "dead" household appliances.  Some weathered garden furniture sit outside in an attempt to give it some "rustic charm".

_MG_5835 Wonderful concoctions are created.  They even do "take away".

And other mischief occurs as well:

IMG_5831 Hammocks are hung for kitties, wether they like it or not!

IMG_5830All parties, human and feline, seemed quite entertained, so I left them to it.  Georgie came in five minutes later, desolate because the kitty wouldn't stay in his intended resting place. ;-)

I have some old sheer curtains to hang at the cubby, but am waiting for the belting floor to happen first.  Its never going to be clean and tidy, with the amount of sand cakes being baked, but the kids are happy - they have their cubby.


  1. What a super cubby. Yes, isn't it lucky that husbands horde such goodies, never knowing when they may come in handy.
    My Dad built our kids a beautiful cubby about four years ago, and they just do NOT use it! Of course if I go with them they will, but that wasn't the end result I'd imagined.
    Hope you have better luck with yours.

  2. Wow, what a clever hubby!!!!! AND your car shed appears bigger than my whole house! Love it all, even poor hanging kitty hammock.

  3. How clever is your husband Sharon. I bet the kids don't care what it is made out of. Just so long as they have their own pad.

  4. Those standard pre-fab ones are originality ;)

  5. I agree with Dianne.
    I paid a lot of money for one similar to your first example and I am sad to say that the kids have never really played in it much to my dismay.
    I keep meaning to put it on ebay but never really get around to it....maybe this year will be the year.


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