Sunday, February 6, 2011

the old fashioned way

an old fashioned scrapbook, sort of like the paper and glue version of tumblr and that new pin board thing I have heard about around the net. 

I like this video clip though.  Its Cute.


yes, indeed a random post, sort of in the light and fluffy /internet goodness vein, that I haven't done for awhile!



  1. I LOVE this! Where can I get one? This free, informal, messy, quick type of scrapbook is right up my alley. Great for inspiration, day to day bits and pieces, random thoughts.....anything. Awesome. Thanks for sharing this Sharon.

  2. PS: Hope you don't mind Sharon, but I've posted this on my blog too. Just love it. Thanks again.

  3. Sharon, as in Trev and Sharon ? Two clicks of a button and the world gets smaller! Lovely to find you out there in the www Love jen x

  4. Jen, yes, isn't the world so small! xox (now you need your own blog!)

  5. it. But the heck did you find this???
    And we need it...would be noice :)

  6. Love this. It would be so great for my big girl!


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