Sunday, February 27, 2011


Or rather, re-reading, this book for the I-don't-know-how-many-eth time, since 2007 (when I got it in the mail, signed and dated by the author!)

gar It wasn't a cheap book to purchase, being self or independently published, but if you are any sort of gardener, and living in areas of challenging gardening conditions, then you will love this book.

Full of images and wonderful stories from gardens on properties around western Queensland, whenever I go back and re-discover this book I am again given lots of ideas and inspiration for my own garden.  While I don't have hectares, I do have a large space, with the problems of bore water, and challenging soil types, as well as differing weather conditions to contend with.

If only I had a bobcat or my own little personal tractor and trailer to play with - but one of the challenges of living "in town" is that I can't just duck down the cattle yards for a load of manure when I want some, like I would if I lived out of town.  I have to wait, and plead, and go through complex negotiations with The Husband to bring home my requirements.

However, I am quite pleased with the very recent, albeit temporary, acquirement of a little trailer that goes behind my beloved John Deere mower, which makes the moving of mulch, and tree trimmings etc much easier (it holds around three wheelbarrow loads).

So, I am slowly reading my way back through this book, savouring each individual story (each garden has its own little tale) and re-examining the photos for ideas to solve my current gardening dilemmas...

Perhaps you will see some fruits of my labours soon, perhaps not.  It depends on the outcomes of some complicated negotiations! 


  1. Love that I understand what a John Deere is ;)

  2. Well, it is considerable easier for you to get a trailer load of manure than it is for me here in my suburban utopia! We have bad soil out here and our council has a lot of stuff set up, information and the like, and we don't have exactly the same weather as Melbourne city so we never fit the mold, I am always envious when I return to my parents place and plants they planted the same time as us are 6ft and ours look like they should be pulled out of the ground ... though, they live with very rich soil that is wonderful to grow anything in!


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