Thursday, May 5, 2011

when one's brain is too full, along with the laundry basket

what else does one do when the laundry baskets appear to have vomited all over the laundry floor (albeit in organised heaps of:  denims - school clothes - towels - other clothes - underwear and pyjama's). And cobwebs are overtaking the house (I think it should become a the decor fashion) and the couch grass is rallying for a second invasion on the garden beds after a rather successful first attempt. And my legs need shaving and toenails need painting. Which really aren't high on the priority list, but I just skipped a few of the boring ones involving toilets and cleaning etc.

Why, one trawls through ebay looking for non-frilly dresses for 6 year olds and non-hooker looking dresses for the tall and bigger than her age 8 year old.

And then one makes a little fashion board thingy just for fun.

wedding outfits The top for the biggest girl (who will have overtaken me in height before her twelfth birthday!) and the bottom for the littlest girl.

The reason for this dress shopping fest? A wedding in July, down the coast in Bowen. Its a tricky time of the year - although its the coast, it IS winter, and it IS further south. So strappy summer dresses will probably be a little chilly.

I've managed to get the little navy spotty number for steal on ebay, and if its cold can pair it with some red leggins that we already own (or white? but with this child not a good idea!) and little silver sandals, and a red (or white) hair pretties.

I'm bidding on the top dress at the moment, and I tell you, for the "pre-teen" age group its hard to find something that isn't grungy and black, or looks like a 18 year old going to a night club should be wearing. This dress meets my criteria even though it is black.

And yes, I do realise that I have to share our fishing adventures (lets say you WON'T be seeing a lot of fishy photos!)  - I'll do that tomorrow once I've gathered my thoughts and emptied it of laundry. We've had a busy few days (not just fishing, although I haven't picked up the camera since) and plenty of social dilly dallying to come over the next.

Do let me know what you think of my fashion choices?

Sometimes living closer to the shops would be easier. but possibly not as fun for avoiding long mental lists of chores!


  1. Love, love, love that black dress. It is certainly difficult finding the right clothing for young girls, but that one's a winner. Don't get me started on washing ... when does it end? I do manage to get the washing done, just the putting away that does me in. I've a mountain to tackle in the morning (if I don't get hijacked by this computer). I've actually limited my computer time, because I was just wasting so much time sitting here. Don't tell my husband.

  2. I'm with Fiona - the black is lovely and I quite like it on younger kids ... but then again I am from Melbourne and it is our colour of choce down here! ;-)

    I think I am going to spin around in a tizz with all the 'stuff' going on around here - it is beyond reasonable, but hopefully all for the best in the end! Good luck with the washing :-)

  3. I too have the overwhelming job lists but have recently found Pinterest to waste even more time gazing at lovely things...not that I want to encourage you to avoid housework/waste time, but have a look!


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