Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brevity of Words

Prompted by Amy and her "conversations" post this morning, I thought I would quickly share this snippet of conversation I had with my oldest daughter (she is 8) on Monday.  I've already written it down, just in case I might forget!

Me: Hey, what did you do at school today?

Kate:  Stuff.

End of conversation.

Well to be truthful, once I got over the answer (this usually is a child that will go into the minutest mind numbing detail) I did ask for more: What KIND of stuff?! and eventually got a few more scraps of detail. Obviously she wasn't interested in conversing on Monday afternoon.  However, at the dinner table when food is meant to be going in her mouth, its a whole different story. Perhaps its the captive audience, too busy eating to interrupt her monologue! (now I am all about family time and conversing at the table, however this is more about avoidance and delaying tactics, of which I am well aware!)

P1020304A random crappy shot of the kids helping their dad celebrate his recent 40th. And the Big Girl giving her dad a big smooch.


  1. At least "stuff" is a whole lot better then "dunno"

  2. Standard answer in our place, yes already. Often it is I can't remember. Then later something triggers the story.
    It has always stuck in my mind that someone once told me that the details will come out at some less opportune time, like when one is cooking the dinner! Often it is!

  3. Ha ... the wee lassie when asked what she did at kinder replies with .... 'nuffing', with a cheeky grin on her face.

    It's good to get these bits of random down though, are you going to scrap it?

  4. Ha ha.
    For the first two years that I only had one at school, I got diddly squat info about school. Fortunately second daughter is far more forthcoming with information and I soon learned what was going on. Now with four coming at me with all sorts of snippets every afternoon, I find myself thinking "Do I really need to know this, do I really care?" (Bad mother, I know).


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