Monday, February 20, 2012

boys and their toys

Doesn't matter how old they are...

IMG_0247if it has wheels and makes a lot of noise, then they are like pigs in mud.

Long a collector of all sorts of mechanical crap, The Husband, without my knowledge (or approval) swapped one bit of machinery for two smaller bits....two smaller NOISY bits that have the kids thrilled and their mother not so much.

IMG_0262Although I do think the oldest kid might be getting a bit too leggy for this noisy toy.

IMG_0252Of course, as its HIS idea, it will be up to him to maintain, supervise and control the allocation of riding time.

On the bright side, its one way of forcing their father to spend more time with the kids, with numbers 2 and 3 shadowing his every move yesterday, fetching any tool he might need, to sweeten him into letting them ride the noisy beasts sooner rather than later.

And if you can stand is a little video that I put together of the action, complete with the 6 ft 2 tall husband having a lap on the little bike. This sort of footage is just screaming to be shared! ;-)

Needless to say, the horsepower of the four legged, breathing type, have been a little neglected the last couple of days. Don't worry, I've visited them myself, and told them that I still love them, even if the kids don't!


  1. I imagine this will be one novelty which will last for quite a while!

  2. Priceless!
    If you can just find a pair of big shoes and a red nose, I'll book him for entertainment in our local show program.

  3. This left me giggling! Footage like this beats any box office hit. My husband is sitting in the office beside me wondering what the heck I'm viewing.....Thanks Sharon, for making me smile!


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