Friday, February 24, 2012

strange things have appeared

You may already know, but I do like to do a little ebay shopping. Oh the freedom, shopping in ones pj's and getting a ripping bargain at the same time, being able to purchase an item that would otherwise be very difficult to get ones hands on, living in the sticks.

Recently, The Husband has also become a little ebay convert, asking me to come and find him a cordless drill battery, and then what seemed to be a frightfully expensive (but a great bargain price, according to The Husband, who has gone on to tell me how much money he has saved with each and every use) drill sharpening machine/contraption.

It seems that he has gone into some solo ebay ventures, as imagine my surprise when I went into my Watch List and found THIS:

trevors ebay watch list(and fancy! free pick up from Canberra! I'll just pay pal it and pop over and get it) Not something that I would normally go searching for on ebay myself. Me thinks that someone might need his own ebay account.

This is what MY watch list looks like, unsullied by Cat machinery and tools.

sharons ebay watch listFar more important and essential items to have on a Watch List. (And substantially less expensive!)

Me also thinks enough of rainy days giving husbands time to ebay search! Back to work I say! Leave me in peace to ebay shop alone (and so I might be able to work out how I could justify making a new 600D camera a taxable deduction!)


  1. Far too convenient.
    I've just this minute bought myself a $99 steam cleaner, supposed to make cleaning floors, windows (and everything) an absolute delight!
    The mildew on my walls was the main incentive ... here's hoping.
    (Not ebay, a Telstra Bigpond member special offer). How special.

  2. I far prefer your watch list!

  3. Can relate to this - our account also has the third dimension of a 20 year old girl!?
    Let me know when you work out the tax deduction methodology and justification for the 600D camera.....would fit nicely in this household as well!


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