Monday, February 27, 2012

This I have to do...

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I asked daughter #2 these questions, as she is the one that gives answers straight off the tongue with not a lot of thought, the consequences are often hilarious or thought provoking.

I wasn't wrong, here are the results.


2. when we don't be naughty!

3. when we ARE being naughty!

4. she tickles me

5. I dunno?! I wasn't born then!

6. thirty -one (bless you my child!)

7. ummmm, about three metres?

8. go on the computer (I used to read a book instead!)

9. does her own stuff

10. a horse rider! (? I guess, to them, I am good, but really am far from it!)

11. telling us what to do!  hahahahahahahahahahahahah - so why don't they listen to me!

12. making money hhohohohohoohhoh , her father will find this SO FUNNY!

13. mostly laundry oh lordy, this is ceasing to become funny!

14. ice cream well after the last few answers I certainly feel the need, however I would have said crumbed steak and gravy myself!

15. when you got on your horse by yourself   oh, she is a funny one....I have a VERY tall horse and very short legs, and normally try and find a nice 4 gallon drum or log or husband to help me get on....

16. that is a silly one agreed

17. go riding on the horses  a common theme I note, we have been riding a lot lately

18. we like animals

19. i am little and you are big

20. cause she hugs me

21. shopping in Townsville or down the creek. :-)


Someone else ask their child these questions too, please!


  1. Love this! I will definitely try it with my two as well!


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