Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I topped my English class

in year twelve, but you wouldn't know it....

IMG_0280This page, which employed far more technical applications that I usually would (ie stitching AND the use of stickers) I photographed, more than once, put away in its book, and then looked at it AGAIN the next day before I noticed the glaring, rather obvious error.

IMG_0281Don't worry, the C has been added to the word BEACH, with a little fast reorganising and shuffling along, and now all is right with the world (and can you believe, I have actually seen pages published in a magazine like this? I know errors are errors but I would never submit a page (although I never have done so ever) with an error like that, and if I were an editor, I wouldn't accept it! 

Anyhow, after talking scrapping with my sister in law recently, she mentioned that I should actually use some of the layouts  that I bookmark in the scrapbooking magazine I get (and pass along to her) for inspiration from time to time (I think she was trying to say get out of my rut!)

So, I tried that idea on for size...this was the layout I chose, I liked the row of squares along the bottom...


And as you can see, that was about where any similarity to the magazine layout ended!

Anyhow, pop over to Simple Aussie Girls tomorrow to see some more of what I have been up to!


  1. I am feeling better about my in the body of text exquisite error now!
    Sewing? What is the world coming to? A great layout Sharon ... I'm looking forward to what you come up with for tomorrow.

  2. hehehehe...love it, so something i would do


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