Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I should have bought some gumboots

its that time of the year that gumboots really would make life easier, and given that my last pair wore out, not from overuse, but rather perished from LACK of use, I usually make do with plastic croc like shoes. Although they have a tendency to get left behind in the mud, which is quite amusing for any audience.

On Australia Day, we celebrated, with heavy clouds overhead, by trucking cattle and running them through the yards. Normally a quick and easy process, but after around 2" of rain, and drizzly showers passing by, it became quite an 'adventure'.

2012-01-26 15.02.57Note the wide legged stance, essential for remaining upright and stable in somewhat challenging conditions. Very shortly after this photo, the pretence of wearing useful footwear was abandoned and I went barefoot. Mud is supposedly good for the complexion and heaven knows my heels can use all of the help they can get. Gumboots at this point would have been very handy.

2012-01-26 14.56.19 

The old dears were quite pleased to be out of the truck and on firm ground. Albeit muddy. (please do note blonde headed child hanging out the truck window, being very useful in encouragement of cows moving from the back of the truck. Father was very cheerful (not) about this assistance (or lack thereof, cows don't seem to like little dog like yips from blonde headed children!)

Fathers country wide may all have the same problems. I do recall being roused upon more than once in my own childhood for being in the way/making silly noises/breathing at the wrong time when dealing with cows.

2012-01-26 14.56.40Very shortly after this I was given one of "those" looks from the husband, who seemed to be in an unusually sunny disposition (snort)  given the conditions and that he was covered in mud, poo and pee from one particularly spiteful (or clever?) old girl. So I scampered away, shut the gate on these cows, put my phone/camera away, and then we worked them through the race at the very top of the photo above, attending to ear tags and recording weights.

After that, when we were dismissed from the yards, and we went to check out the creek, hoping to see waves of water rushing by.

Hmm, not so much a wave as a quite gentle trickle.

13275592184321327559366406Didn't stop them though from doing their best "not getting wet" attempts! 

And after this, we took ourselves and our muddy feet and clothing home. We've had funner Australia Days, but the kids didn't seem to mind....


  1. "roused" ... such an Aussie term ... I LOVE IT!!!

  2. Sheep were the great cause of frustration down here .. the cows were always okay ... not that I hung around for too long! That mud - sheesh .. no thanks!

  3. I used to get roused on as a kid too!

  4. It was probably easier without the footwear anyway, muddy situations always seem to be. I know the kids here certainly get roused at for the wrong things especially closer to the end of the day, when they most conveniently leave their posts and down tools for the day. Ah, but they love helping out anyway.

  5. That's a great top photo! Did tyou paddle in the creek too? Looks and sounds like it was hard work - but also idyllic down by the creek!


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