Saturday, February 4, 2012

rain drops

we had some lovely light rain overnight and this morning when feeding the animals I wandered about with my new camera drinking in the freshness that rain brings. Well, to be fair, I squelched  about, but I am not over the wet just yet to complain about it ;-)


I am very excited to report that I noticed a huge flower bud forming on the water this space! (tis exceedingly hard to photograph something that is underwater. I did try)

IMG_0115IMG_0125 Today has that rainy, laze about, wet weather feel about it. We've been waiting it for to happen for awhile, just some enforced downtime. Dad and the kids are laying about in front of the TV, playing legos, watching a movie, and sleeping. All at the same time :-)


  1. I take it these are with the new little camera? That top shot is sensational!

  2. These photos are just sensational!

  3. Oh my goodness, get that first photo enlarged on to a canvas for your wall - wow!

  4. great job on the pics...and the close ups are great.

  5. I seem to have missed so many posts I don't know where to start Sharon. Your little camera is certainly turning out some big images ... I have an IXUS 115HS, don't think the photos are of the quality of my big camera, but it is certainly more convenient to lug around, though it seems to have been hijacked in recent times by youngest daughter.

    I absolutely love the library bag, but isn't it always the case that these things seem such a good idea at the beginning of the project. I want to paint the house, but I'm old and wise enough now to realise that once I start there'll be no turning back, and I don't know if I have the mental fortitude for it just at the moment. I have a husband who will not so much as pick up a paintbrush but will be most forthcoming with advice.

    And is the fishpond another of the advantages of being married to a master trough builder?

    Anyway, I too have much round-upping, whipper-snipping and mowing in front of me this week (even though we're not getting the rain ... sore point), so best get to it.

    Stop spitting posts out so fast, I can't keep up.


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