Monday, February 6, 2012

thank goodness

they are done.

IMG_0144Curse those curvey rounded letters.

 IMG_0145I intended to have the wonky stitched look all along.

And you might notice that I simplified the process somewhat by the time I started on #3, with much dragging of heels and sighing, with a when-is-mine-going-to-be-done little girl looking over my shoulder.

IMG_0146  IMG_0147 My MIL made me some terribly comfortable maternity pants out of that purple star fabric, when I was pregnant with Angus? or maybe Georgie? I chose the fabric...what can I say, I have no defence over the fashion choices I made at that time. I think it was influenced by the Country Belle catalogue, which featured heavily on floral and patterned fabrics for skirts and capri pants. I guess it didn't look too bad, teamed with a lavender linen maternity blouse I had. You certainly wouldn't have missed me that is for sure! Luckily, I have no photographic proof of this little fashion adventure...I admit that there are only three photos of me pregnant with ANY child, that I know of in existence (all taken on someone else's camera)  I am a bit sad about that now.

Anyhow, I digress, the bags are finished and off to school tomorrow they go!


  1. These really look great Sharon and I LOVE the new look over here!

  2. I love the skill and dedication you've put into these. Upcycling and repurposing: splendid!

  3. great effort on the bags....funny story about the purple fabric...


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