Wednesday, February 15, 2012

fitting a lot in

I could do seperate blog posts to cover the past few days....but honestly, I can't be bothered!

Let us start with our small schools swimming carnival, where the three one teacher schools in our district, plus the local distance ed kids, get together. Its lots of fun.

IMG_0175Thats my second girl practising her diving stance, and the boy mentally preparing himself for his big race. Or checking out his three pack :-)

It was a glorious day, the water was beautiful, the kids swam ALL of their races, and let me tell you, their mother would struggle to do one lap of the 33m pool, let alone the six the grade two/three and up kids did. And then another one or two for fun in a relay.


Its hard to get a good photo of them swimming.  The girls started off well, using correct stroke and breathing, but limited training and lessons (just two) meant their fitness levels were pretty poor. This is the biggest girl, starting to run out of puff in a freestyle lap. But I tell you one thing, EVERY child on the day finished their race, they might have had to pull up and hold the side for a few moments, but they plugged on and finished. Such great sports.

Two kids came home very proud:

















The preppie swimming 3 out of 4 of his (half lap) races completely unaided (backstroke not having been introduced to him yet) giving him the required points to get age champion; and by default of being the only girl in her age group, the big girl got age champ as well (but still having to swim every race in order to get the trophy). The middle kid still happy with her stash of ribbons in seconds and thirds, having a future Olympian swimmer in her age group (which was quite swell, 2004 must have been a good year out here!)

Anyhow, more adventures followed:

A Landcare Junior Adventure/Exploration morning:

IMG_2340IMG_2362the highlight of the day meeting a blue tongue lizard which the presenters found on the road (un squashed, thankfully) and brought along to show the kids.

The same day, after returning from landcare, shipped the girlies off to grannies, and put ourselves in the truck.....

IMG_0215(which is very tiring) and hit the road for the 15,000th dentist visit for the boy. Maybe I exaggerate, its only the third, but the city looses its thrill after three visits with not much time in between. And this:

IMG_0217is much different

IMG_0220to this!

So, there you have it, what we have fitted in over the past few days! 


  1. The first shot is utterly hilarious and how tired does the big girl look?! Good on them all for being such great sports and joining in to have so much fun ... I have very fond memories of your local pool!

  2. Yeah, good on the little kids. I did twelve months in the rehab pool the year before last. I can tell you one lap IS very very hard.

  3. Swimming is very important for children. It is a pity not all of them have access to a pool

  4. love the sleeping kid photo :)


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