Thursday, February 23, 2012


from the clothesline, beside my oh so rustic fence and laundry, I spied these little fellows the other day.

IMG_0226contently lying about in the grass, were my six funny little orphaned calves, who just poke about and eat grass and look very interested every time a gate into the garden is left open, indeed look more than interested. Its more like a sprint and lets get into the garden sort of interested.

IMG_0221Nice life to have though? don't they look so comfortable.

Meanwhile, there has been some of this going on: (and I bet you don't need three guesses to work out who begged me take a photo of his brilliant and clever idea ;-)

IMG_0231 and some of this, but lets not mention ages or numbers over forty, or the fact that "someone" has, in more recent times, confessed to some difficulty reading the small print and labels on bottles. Snicker.

IMG_0235(and I did warn if he did not behave during the photo taking process, that the results would be published for you dear readers to view and leave cheeky comments about. So please, don't hold back!)


  1. You give us open slather and now I am tongue tied!
    The 40+ resident down here has sore knees... but his eyes are still good, so are his teeth!
    Happy Birthday Mr The Quiet Life!

  2. Where does one start?
    No matter how content your poddies look (and that first image of the fence post is a corker), they still look like poor little mother-less poddies don't they. Poor babies.

    Happy Birthday Trev. You look so much younger than your years. Maybe it's that startled expression! I'm still thinking with the mini-bike and a red nose we could have a real good thing going on.

    See you at Marlborough Show!


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