Friday, February 3, 2012

one down

one of those projects that has made me wonder what sort of insanity prompted me to not only contemplate this in the first place, but actually START it, and hence need to finish it. And then again. And again.

I'm blaming pinterest myself!  Anyhow, let me present library bag number one. I started with the oldest child. The one with the shortest name, and the one with the least amount of curly bendy letters in her name.

The library bag is a plain pre made calico bag from school, and in my fit of pinterest derived delirium, I decided that instead of just their name on the front in Nikko pen, I would instead beautifully appliqué their names on the front and add some cute embellishments. Snort.

IMG_0071 I got as far as the name and figured that was enough thank you very much, but once fiddling with the drawstring bag realised that it would be so much more practical with handles. So with some strips of precut fabric, quickly made some handles for the bag, did some rough measurements and sewed them on below the drawstring so that it is still functional.

IMG_0072I believe this is as close to the stitching that you need to get! (the letters are all the same size, the fabric is folded a bit in the image above.)

IMG_0073And the straps aren't the same either, but I tell myself it adds a little fun to the whole thing. It has to LOOK more fun than it was to DO surely?!

Am working on the boys at the moment, the child with the second shortest name, and I will be telling everyone that wonky was the look I was aiming for!

Poor Georgie, with the long, curved lettered name. I wonder if she would be happy with a big G instead?!!

Watch this space.


  1. I'd go for the big G for sure!
    She's going to love her new library bag - very cute indeed!

  2. Lovely, lovely bag - and she's have no trouble spotting it among the others! There's a whole cottage industry in here ... :)


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