Thursday, March 8, 2012

dreadfully neglected

As I have been leaving little hints here and there around the bloggy world recently about wanting to see more of their gardens, I thought I should put my money where my mouth is. Trouble is, while I love gardens, my own hasn't been feeling that love lately, and in fact has been dreadfully neglected.  A recent sortie with a full poison bottle of over-strength brew has started to restore some order, the battle that that my nemesis Couch Grass has won over the past twelve months has taken a step back in my favour.

Anyhow, I thought I would share one little part of my neglected garden. I am not sure what to call this area, its not a green house, just a bit of no mans land between laundry and garden sheds and the back of the donga (my office area). A while back, with little husbandly assistance (which may explain the state of my back today) I laid down the pavers and carted many wheelbarrow loads of gravel to go around the pavers.

IMG_0402As you can see, I need to attack the couch grass here again, its looking far too cheerful, this should be a grass free zone (the gravel could probably do with a top up as well)

IMG_0403Pot plants have been toppled, there have been deaths, and vigoursly growing plants have escaped their pots and thrown babies into the gravelled area. Not exactly tidy and ordered!

IMG_0404Quite a bit of tidying and arranging needing to happen....and ever one to re-use and recycle, this "bench" came home from the rubbish dump, it had a former existence as the "dog box" on an old cattle crate, flipped over it makes quite a handy plant stand.

IMG_0407This area being covered and where the more delicate and shade loving plants are meant to live, it was quite a bit tidier than this until the porky pig came along and had a whale of a time...the succulent stand has been rescued and re-stood, but not put back where it should be....along with everything else needing a good tidy up.

IMG_0408Love those colourful little glazed pots, I pick them up at Bunnings or discounts stores when I see them on sale. And the steel mesh topped bench in the background, the husband won himself some brownie points the day he brought that home unexpectedly!  (the fact that he didn't make it himself, our man that runs our business did, doesn't really matter!) Its meant to be a potting/work bench, but of course at this moment holds all sorts of garden junk.

IMG_0412 And one last one, looking around the corner from where I stood to take the above photo (at the end of the pathway)

IMG_0413more overgrown pots (btw, did you know hibiscus seem to grow very happily in a pot? Dug up and dumped in a pot as a "temporary" home, this one has flourished here for a v e r y long time. I see no need to move it now, just give it a haircut, and seeing as it is doing well, may just find it some hibicusy friends to fill some other empty pots.

So, I've shown you mine...or part of I best get that round up out again and start phase two of the couch grass attack.


  1. You have so many interesting little things tucked away there Sharon! I am always amazed at gardens in QLD, they are so much more lush and filled with exotic, well exotic to this southerner, plants!

  2. You have some interesting plants there! Would love to do a plant swap with you if we lived near each other! Did you know hibiscus grows very easily from cuttings? Emma

  3. Wow, this is really shaping up to look lush and full! I love your big plants and the curving lines ...


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