Sunday, March 25, 2012

he has been watching too much MKR

My Kitchen Rules that is. Husband was housebound the past few days from the rain, and rather than sweep the floor or clean the loo, he has been ratting around in the freezer and kitchen, following me around, looking over my shoulder, reading every email that pings in the inbox, generally annoying the crappers out of me. (why are you doing that? this how you spend your day?......what is there to eat?.......what are we having for tea?.......)

ANYHOW, he went off in search of smoko and of course there wasn't much yummy stuff to be had (for good reason, I am the one that generally eats it!) so I gave him the microwave in a cup chocolate cake recipe to try out. It wasn't half bad, but one serve could easily do two adults. When the kids came home from school, he made one again for them, split three ways.

IMG_0455needless to say, the kids were VERY pleased by this turn of events!

IMG_0457and look at how delicious they look....

IMG_0458although we decided it would be easier to eat tipped out on the plate. I think Georgie is particularly thrilled by the treat of a warm cake on a cool, wet afternoon.

So was the dog. The dog that isn't allowed inside.

IMG_0459Waiting for the inevitable crumbs to fall. At least I didn't have to sweep the floor!

(and notice the husbands overflowing collection of newspapers in the sideboard? - the Qld Country Life and the NQ Register....that is one thing he could have done on a rainy day, clean them out!)

Anyhow have issues with bored husbands on rainy days?  I forsee an expensive shed building operation in our future (we don't have a Shed at home, and it was too wet to get to the any of the sheds on any of the properties.....)

While I love the rain, all I can say is thank goodness the sun is out today. I just need a couple of days to myself again, and then it can rain again! :-)


  1. And henceforth he will be known only as MANU.

  2. HA! Fiona! heheheheeee, very funny indeed!

    First shot is fabulous Sharon :-)

  3. tis a pity he doesn't have the french accent and the little eyebrow wiggle

  4. I enjoyed visiting your blog - loved the photo of the dog waiting for the crumbs - reminds me of my beagle.


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