Tuesday, March 6, 2012

in the news

CLX-3180_20120306_15180301Evidently my children weren't all that excited to be photographed with some North Queensland Cowboys players (can't say I blame them, really :-) waddya say to that, Di) I would have to say, I could walk past a footy player of any sort in the street, and not recognise them, maybe with the possible exception of Alfie Langer, maybe Shane Webke (only because HE turns up in the Country Life from time to time, and reads the news!) or the blokes off the Footy Show.

I was informed of my kids stardom by my sister in law, who had been telephoned by her dad to tell her they were in the Townsville Bulletin.

The page has been torn out and saved for posterity. Not sure why, maybe it will mean something one day if the Cowboys ever win something! ;-)


  1. Fair amount of ambivalence to footballers here too. Angus looks particularly unimpressed by the whole situation ... I'd be feeling exactly the same.

  2. Well Mum, tuck away the article and in years to come they'll be quite chuffed at the mere thought of meeting them I am sure, not that football and footballers rate overly highly here either, but still ... fifteen minutes of fame hey!

  3. Come on Mum, your kids are famous..... they are in the local rag.....

  4. now now chicly babe!!!!

    and cowboys win a premiership...hahahahahahahaha!!!!


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