Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I really don't think we'll be heading east

that ripple in the water is the road bridge....



  1. WOW ... guess it will be a bit before I can get back to the station then. The Burdekin does look impressive though.

  2. I would suggest maybe another day at home Sharon.
    4 inches here this morning in about as many hours. Happy, happy day. Highway's cut ... only ten kids at school. Wallace said this afternoon as we passed flooding creeks, I think the wet season's here Mum. I replied, I think it's been and gone mate.
    Sun's out now.

  3. That is amazing, knowing how that crossing looks in the dry.
    We were also meant to venture North to Townsville this week for follow up appointments. Obviously rescheduled now - there will be plenty of fine, sunny days I'm sure. Didn't relish the idea of sitting between 2 creeks with 7 people in the car......


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