Sunday, March 18, 2012


For a long time, we've been wanting to do some work on our small front verandah, lest one day an unsuspecting visitor get slapped on the face when they stand on one of the several loose floorboards. Finally, our local builder man paid a visit with tape measure and pencil (the live in builder-man declaring he was too busy) looked underneath things and poked at timber with a critical eye, not unlike a surgeon decided which diseased bits need to be taken out.

While he is here fixing the floor, I have also asked that he close in the open wall of the verandah, which in wet weather is a real pain in the bum.

IMG_1779You can see the open side above, the rug on the floor covering some pokie-out nails that refuse to bed down (an indication of the state of things down below)

Today I've had out the yellow pages and done some googling, sending off a few emails to get prices on shutters to fill that space above, so we can close them when it rains, but have them open for light and breeze, when its not. Not is about 80% of the year.

I've settled on aluminium, as they aren't as 60's/70's looking as I had in my head.....

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         161109sc-072080 

  slideshow-shutters-3 So now I just have to sit back and wait to be shocked by the prices that hopefully I will be getting tomorrow.... edited to add: if anyone wants to know what I find out, just drop me a line, I am finding out all sorts of interesting things!

Of course, it will never look as polished or charming as any of the pictures that I dredge up from around the www, but at least my precious pillows won't be getting wet every time we get a vigorous shower of rain.

Mind you, the knowledge that internet does not = reality, doesn't stop me from thinking, with eyes half shut and rose coloured glasses firmly in place, that my garden could easily look like this with just but a little tweak (and a chaff bag of $$) here and there....

Thesunhouse_com_Mango_Tree_Gardenthe husband will be thrilled about my paving plans, I can hear him groaning about his back already :-) (I do wonder how they keep the lawn and pavers so pretty?!)

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  1. Hey Sharon, it's called having a full-time, paid gardener on hand to keep those lawns and pavers looking spiffy! We can only dream!!


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