Monday, March 12, 2012

not exactly cinderella

but to the ball I did go, on Saturday night. Without The Husband, who was devastatedly disappointed that we had no babysitter and he had to stay home with the kids, as he loves wearing his suit and bow tie so very much.

I am on the committee (albeit a very poor one, having not been to one meeting in the past twelve months) that organises the ball, so I donned my frock (such a great word to drop into a converstation!) bling and trotted off to help out. Before I left, I allowed myself to be photographed - badly - by the husband. The six year old has better photography skills than he does.

IMG_0431I will not add commentary as of course one always can find fault with ones own image (hello white flabby arms, why did I not get a dress with sleeves?!)  I will say that I decided to put a rinse in my hair that morning, having been told with delight by kids and spouse of the grey hairs on my head. It turned out a little darker than expected. And after having my hair straightened and fluffed with the other girls in town who were attending the ball, I wasn't sure that I liked it but didn't have time to do anything else with it.

The hall was all decorated:

IMG_0434(It didn't look as empty as this in real life!) and those big roller doors on the left opened up onto a lovely deck, overlooking the river.

IMG_0435the table decor was very cool in the low light

IMG_0437And the rest of the ladies from my little town scrubbed up alright as well, all out for a Girls Night Out.

That is all that made it onto my camera, however there was a newspaper reporter snapping away so if I made the newsprint I will be sure to share :-)  


  1. I can't wolfe whistle over a blog comment! Your dress is sensational Sharon - I love it, that is really your colour! Did the bling come with the dress or is it an accessory?

  2. Sharon, you look great and I really love the hair. I coloured mine Friday night, always mean to do it a week earlier, so I too was a little darker than hoped for. I have one dodgy photo of husband and I taken by daughter no. 2, may put it up, unfortunately none of the hall, which in contrast to yours needs a whole lot of TLC. What a great venue.

  3. Geez,
    thre's a few Jennifer Lopezes in your lot Sharon. Well done ladies.

  4. yes Old Nev, there was indeed a bit of clevage on show, and this wasn't the half of it, there were quite a few other ladies present that were following JoLo's fashion precedent! but when you are young and you've got it, why not?!

  5. Well I still reckon you would have been the Belle of the Ball anyway.

  6. You look wonderful....... glad you got some pics...


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