Friday, March 23, 2012

spreading the word

OK, so if you are not interested in scrapbooking and artsy-fartsy stuff, step away from the computer now.

My sister in law hasn't been convinced that she could "do" simple scrapbooking. Not that she was an over the top, puts lots on a page scrapbooker, but she is a perfectionist, and she doesn't mind fiddly. Like fussy-cutting, stitching by hand on a page type fiddly. Cutting her own felt lettered title. (I have called her a crazy woman in the past)

She very proudly emailed me to tell me she had done some simple pages, and I have permission to share.

IMG_2469She did fussy cut those flowers, but it is indeed a simple page.

IMG_2470(the photos on this page are printed on normal paper as she didn't have them printed properly, but she wanted to do the page. They are temporarily adhered until she gets them printed.) I really like this one...more fussy cutting too, of the birdy at the top, but still look how effective it can be.

Sister in law still not convinced though, she feels like maybe, just maybe, they need something more. :-) I couldn't disagree more! 


  1. SIL will have to be featured over at SAG if she continues at this rate! I love the second page, it is a good mix of simple with a little 'fussy' cutting!

  2. SIL are doing great. A lovely mix of simple and added extras :)


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