Monday, March 5, 2012

new in equestrian fashion

IMG_0400Do you think it will catch on? (complete with some sort of dirt all over my face)

Yesterday the girls wanted to ride, so we walked over to the horse paddock, saddled up their ponies and they went for a little ride around me, while I stood and watched.  Then our lovely old mate Ben (above) got progressively naughtier as Kate was trying to get him to do things, so Mum had to step in. Luckily my saddle was in the shed, so I quickly threw it on, jumped on in my crocs, 3/4 cotton pants, town hat and tshirt....doesn't everyone wear such attire when riding?!!

Ben was then reminded that he was NOT in fact the boss of me or any other little humans. I think he will be MUCH happier to have (very much lighter) Kate back on his back after huffing and puffing whilst we cantered around in circles.

Just quietly, as I don't get to ride much these days, I *may* have been slightly out of breath myself, and I *may* have been reminded of a few core muscles that I had forgotten about, until this morning that is!

IMG_0395IMG_0398Gosh Georgie loves her old pony. He is a bit of a con artist though, and she lets him get away with it...

IMG_0399 Kids too this photo, not sure how, but its quite amusing!

Speaking of fashion....granny made the boy some sock protectors "just like dad's!" as requested. He thinks he is SO cool and wears them at every opportunity - but only with work boots of course. :-)

IMG_0393And so ends this random snapshot of our Sunday afternoon, as I keep finding ways to avoid vacuuming the floor...but procrastinating over, I shall sustain myself with a chocolate frog and go to have a little chat with Dyson, bless his floor cleaning little socks.....


  1. Your hat is very la-di-da! Actually, I would not have thought anything of it unless you pointed it out - perhaps the footwear.
    Love the close up of child #2 and, how grown up is the young man? All ready for work I take it!

  2. Yes indeed Sharon, can see you gracing the cover of Horse & Rider sometime soon!
    Why are the Dads never around when these pesky old ponies need the kinks straightened out of them!
    Love the photo of Georgie on her pony. Is that the school in the background?

  3. Well what's that old saying "dare to be different" and different what you are!!! Complete with the yellow flower on the hat..... Love the photo the kids took ... maybe they are a chip off the old block after all.


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