Friday, March 9, 2012

run, don't walk

a little consumerism here today, you know how deep and meaningful makes my head hurt....

I picked these two things up at woolies the other day, needing some new lip balm and wanting some face sunscreen I could put on each morning without feeling like I was covered in thick stuff.

IMG_0415I LOVE IT! of course its not 30 SPF (I haven't found a nice light, tinted one yet) but this is just gorgeous. I would even go so far to say as I would use it as a nice light foundation. It really does even out the complexion!

IMG_0416I was heading for the lipbalm section when I spied this, and being on sale I decided to try it. Again, I LOVE IT! It really doesn't have a great amount of colour, but feels great, seems to moisturise and have some sun protection at the same time, but doesn't have the sunscreeny taste that some do. I like this one so much that I am going to get another to keep in my bag.

Lastly, these, the food of the devil, or the gods, depending on your perspective. I didn't realise that I had a thing for chocolate and peanuts until I had one of these....

IMG_0417The Husband did some grocery shopping for me as he came through the Towers the other day, and brought home a bag of these "fun sized" beauties. Let us just day that there are none left now and I may have had more than my fair share...

I wonder why my pants are feeling a bit tight today.

Run, don't walk, folks and try some of these for yourself, today!  


  1. It's good when you finally find stuff that suits isn't it?

    Never had one of those penut bars ... so, they're good, better than a boost?

  2. Nice to have some beauty products Sharon, even if you are the bushie girl.... that chocolate is nice although I haven't had one of those bars for many years now. I do know they are a NZ family owned company and the chocolate is made in NZ. They won't last long in that bag... fun size means, gone in seconds. Enjoy

  3. back away from that chocolate woman!!!

  4. Haven't seen any of these products but they are clearly making you happy! I'll be keeping my eyes open for similar. :)


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