Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a quick page

A quick digi page that I plan to print, add a number 4 thicker to that empty space, stick the whole lot on some cardstock and call it done. Love it.


Its been raining up here in the north, nothing of biblical proportions in my area, but some big flooded rivers between me and the city, for which we are meant to be departing before 7am tomorrow for the FINAL (please god) round of dental appointments. However, I have a feeling that I might be cancelling those appointments later on this afternoon, as I can't see this being down by then...

542896_414921788524376_196048033745087_1886366_84647973_n[1]there is a bridge 2.8 metres UNDER that water (you can JUST see the other side).

Such is wet season in the north!


  1. Many moonas ago when we visited your part of the world we were astonished at the flood markers - we have plenty of floods down here but it's low lying, quick draining country, so nothing is as spectacular!
    Enjoy the rain, I hope it doesn't cause too many inconvenient moments!

  2. So much for the end of the wet season ... it seems to be raining more than ever now.

  3. I was in the dentist chair this morning after a difficult extraction last week.
    He poked and prodded and said, "Ha, I think we can save this one, and you won't even need a needle".
    You just know the day has got to get better!


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