Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Project

Oh, I am the greatest project collector - but not the greatest of finishers, nor starters, truth be told!!  But one does need to keep ones mind occupied...and fuelling one's slight OCD tendancies for thinking up new things to do that one hasn't got time for!

(enough of this "one" business)

New obession :  the pillowcase type dress: may I present exhibit A - a collection of cute tops made by other crafty people on the www.

Oh, the internet is full of goodness - tutorials and patterns, all with a slightly different method {there's more than one way to skin a cat! ;-)}

Apparently this is the easiest little top ever to make - based on using old vintage pillowcases, but there's nothing to stop one (oops!) using what ever pretty fabric one (!) might like!

And even better? :-) I've found a tutorial for making the same style top, but how to make it for a person of more (ahem) geneous proportions!! (and perhaps longer line, but slimmer cut to avoid the tent effect!)

I can see co-ordinating (but not too matchy-matchy!) tops for Christmas - worn with capri pants (for me) and shorts for the girls!

Onto the business end of the post.  If you are similary inspired, here is a collection of tutorials I have bookmarked to go back to, so go check them out.

pillow case dresses for small girls

pillowcase dress tutorial



I don't have the link for the grown up version (silly me!) but I did cut and paste it and saved it, so if you are interested, just leave a comment and I can email it to you!

I am keen to actually DO this sewing project, so hopefully they will work out (given how long it is since my machine has been used!)


  1. OH MAN!!!!! We are so on the same page.
    I bought up material at Spotlight at the end of last Summer sale to make these exact type of dresses...will be checking out the links...I was going to cut a pattern of the girls ones...and dani is planning these in her little venture.

  2. So cute!! I have my christmas fabric, just need to decide what to make...this might be the inspiration I needed!

  3. Too crafty for me, love! But good luck in your ventures!

  4. These are SO adorable, Sharon!
    I wish I could sew, but then I'd have no time to scrap :)
    Can't wait to see how yours turn out!

  5. I'm sooooo in love with these, GREAT find! I have been doing a spot of sewing so thins is exactly what i needed. I love the vintage pillow case thing, just perfect...I love finding great things like that at garage sales. I'm going to be purposly on the look out for them now!
    I will tackle this project :)


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