Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sometimes Civilisation Is Good

Right now I am wishing that I live a little closer than 200 odd kilometres from the nearest VERY busy dentist, whom I have no doubt will struggle to fit me in on Monday.

But as long as I have ibuprofen, and bonjella, I am sure I will cope until I can see him!

Just another peice of evidence to show that I am feeling every bit of my soon to be 35 years (sigh) and three teeth destroying preganancies!! The body is falling apart....

Anyhow! Until then, I have once again been wasting my time   discovering and collecting other projects that are not likely to ever be created, given that I don't seem to be able to keep up with the laundry folding or the account keeping, let alone get any crafty time.

Mind you, I could stop blogging - THAT would give me more "play" time! but I'd miss you guys!

I guess I am behind the times, but I noticed the cute tissue/crepe paper flowers in the birthday cake photo of  my last post .... well here's some more:

And here's a link with better instructions than the ones Martha provided.

giant paper pom poms

Pretty aren't they!  I am thinking that these would be great at Christmas too, in your chosen colour theme!

Or PERHAPS! light bulb going off (don't worry, I haven't quite lost the plot, its just that the phone has rung every morning at 6am this week, and I reaalllly love that half  - three quarters hour sleep, that I haven't been getting !) this would be a great, easy decoration for the girl's room makeover?!!  Pick a colour or two from their new quilt covers and go for it!

This might just happen after all. I was going to cut out large butterflies and hang them, but this could be cuter! (ps - Nicole, waiting to see how your girls room turned out!)

The biggest challenge with the room makeover, will be getting them to keep their room TIDY. And make their beds!

Here's another smaller version: the possibilities are endless.

Can you tell I am tired and have, just possibly, had just a tad too many ibuprofen tablets (shh, four in one dose - I was in serious pain!! but not anymooore!)

And just one more random thing:  I really want to start doing some sewing again soon - the cute tops I mentioned in an earlier post, and a couple of simple and easy quilts  - one each for the girls to have in the car (the airconditioning is cold apparently, and the brawls over the blanket they have to share...well, it doesn't do our blood pressure any good!) and to throw on couch.  Something like this.

Just as soon as I get the laundry folded, the BAS done, and oh. Visit the dentist!


  1. They are sooo pretty. Now if only I had a girl......

  2. OOOO I want my table to look just like that first picture! Can you come help Sharon! We have dentisits close! Did you see my post about the jobs chart I made? My kids have been doing pretty good at making beds (in a kid way not how Mummy likes) and keeping room relatively tidy too! I can't wait to see Nicole's girls' room too! I really must update blogger like you said. Was it hard? ANd I fixed my bluriness ctrl 0 my screen was all that was fuzzy! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. might just give them a go with the girls

  4. we'd miss you too if you stopped blogging. And feel good knowing that I don't need to waste my time looking for random cute things on the net, cause you do it for me. :)

  5. Did you see Tina Cockburns quilt on this post back in August. I love the simplicity of these designs. Maybe ever I could do this - if I had a sewing machine...


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