Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One at A Time

I have a friend, Juliane, who is slowly dipping her toes into the world of scrapbooking, but the very simple, very quick and very basic (but effective) type of scrapping- a bit like the old family photo project I posted about the other day.

We dont' keep in touch as often as we should (she lives about 600km away on a remote cattle property, with three wild and woolly boys, one of which she teaches year 1 on Distance Ed schooling) but she has my blog as her home page! (nothing like a bit of pressure to keep updated, now that I know that!!)

She asked me today about where and how to get the lovely fonts that she is seeing everyone use.

These are some font links for you Jules - have some fun!!

And because of course I cannot post without some pretty photo or thing:

Cute bookmark made from the crocheted flowers that can be bought premade, or from ebay and etsy, OR even made yourself!  I had great plans to teach myself to crochet properley (like in following a pattern!) but haven't yet found the motivation!

And, because apparently Christmas is getting close, some ideas to get you cracking on Christmas Crafts:

Cute button wreath (threaded onto wire) and some so simlpe felt decorations!

So Juliane, get downloading some fonts!

Signing off - converting the world one simple scrapper at a time!


  1. Hi Sharon, I've been invisible in blog land for a few weeks and am trying to catch on reading posts. I've scrolled through and read your last 5 post and I just wanted to tell you how totally inspiring they are!!! Each post is just full of goodness that makes me be motivated again. Thanks heaps...I think I want you on my home page too :)

  2. A special post for me?! Thanks. I was left with no option but to get an account and start leaving my two-bobs worth on your blog. Luv ya. Jules


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