Monday, October 26, 2009


This will be one of those light and very fluffy posts, because really I have nothing to blog about other than the reams of paper I have been wading through getting my quarterly BAS completed. 

That, and the fact that I really don't need the post about my knickers to stay up there in front for any longer than necessary.  It seemed like a profound thought and observation at the time...

So, where was I?  It would help if I did a bit each month, but lordy, once I have reconciled and BAS'd, I am so sick of looking at it all...and then before you know it, three months have passed again.

So there, you have it, what I have been doing for the past few days - certainly not scrapping or sewing - though some minor surfing has happened while waiting for things to print and reports to process.

So, onto light and fluffy. If blogger doesn't stop mucking me about and cause me to tear my hair out when I try to post images, that is. Grrr. Feel free to scroll through or leave altogether if this is TOO fluffy!

Some simple quilts to inspire me, or you as the case may be.  Simple strips, but yummy yummy colour combos!

(all sourced from around the net, some from simple scrappin gal herself, Tina Cockburn.  Too lazy to post a link. Sorry.)

Waddya know. More bed linen related stuff.  Its more the colours and the spots that drew my eye to this.  Spots are just so happy and this looks so fresh and spring like!  Actually, I think I'd like to sleep on spotty sheets.  Surely you'd have to wake up happy?! (thanks Pottery Barn email)

Oh MORE spots!! how cute.  I don't need bobby pins, but if I DID...not sure it goes with the hip and happen' image that I am trying to project (ahem) so perhaps not...this one came into my inbox from - a place full of wonderful handmade Australian crafts. Great place to look for baby gifts too, by the way.

Speaking of style, and seriously this you think the outfit below is suited to a chubby, short, mother who's trendy days have long past...I am not sure if a maxi dress would HIDE the lumps and bumps, or rather make one look that they are a walking circus tent, albeit one made from really pretty, summery cotton material.

I did think the little denim vest was a rather clever idea - I don't wear narrow strappy tops as don't like my underwear on show (its more of the plain, comfy and heavy duty keep 'em up kind) so would cover that and any other bits of lard that could be hanging about (it truly is  a comfort to me to discover that even skinny people have back fat problems!)                                                                                               So that's it - very much light and fluffy and full of bl#*dy formatting problems - blogger is not my friend tonight.  But my bed is, so off I go - via the shower!


  1. The dress is gorgeous and the first and last quilts are my favourite! Made for a nice read even if blogger wasn't co operating. BAS and tax are calling me too accountants really are hand, should get me a new one!

  2. I was looking at Tina's quilts the other day as well - I especially love the blue and green stripey one. Light and fluffy blog posts are just fine - quite interesting really when I'm in an avoidance mood as well!

  3. too funny light and fluffy!!
    cute soon as dani finished her exams the sewing machine is out and im sewing again many bloomin ideas


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