Friday, October 16, 2009


I have a whole lot of different posts swimming around my head at the moment, but first thought I share this one.  I guess after seeing Mel's great high heels photo from a recent wedding she did, I have been thinking about the some of the great family "feet" photos that we have all seen.  I have never really thought of doing this myself, until now, so went searching for some further inspiration.  I think a "foot" shot would be a great "capturing the moment" shot, especially those dirty grubby feet  + matching faces moments that happen so often around here!

(PLEASE NOTE: None of the images below are mine!! or are of me or my family!! thanks internet!)

Here's what I have found to inspire me, so hoping I get a chance to do this soon, and maybe set the timer and get a whole family shot (taking great care to NOT go above the knees of myself - I do not need to include that particulary part of my body!! or wear a nice long line shirt!)

 Love this one, for a engagement or couple!

I really like the denim look, maybe paired with a pretty girly skirt on one or both of the girls? And painted toes on me of course!

I only did a very quick search, there are so many of this kind of shot out there, so its really nothing new and different, but still it would be nice to have something like this capturing the kids + us at this moment in time, before their feet get any huger!!

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  1. nice the step and the dog one...better get a pedicure first :)


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