Saturday, October 24, 2009

Briefly (literally!)

You know you are getting:
a. old
b. fat   chubby
c. all of the above

when you accidentally buy a pack of full briefs, along with your normal high cut briefs, you wear them and you find they are quite comfortable actually!

In their defence, they look totally identical to the high cut ones, except for a slightly lower legline, and they in no way or form resemble cotton-tails. Just so you know I am not THAT far gone into dagginess!!  And when your old ones are holey and the elastic's gone in the bum, well, beggars can't be choosers...!

I know, this probably comes under the heading of "too much information"....

Must dash now, have an afternoon out with s-i-l and neice (when I reallly should be home doing bookwork!)


  1. LOL lovely chuckle for my afternoon!

  2. LOL, maybe too much info - but interesting nevertheless!

  3. I am more curious about that this what you 'normally' wear???

  4. :-) I should have added a footer under the photo - which is NOT mine - sourced from the internet - I wanted a pic of white cotton undies....well, this was the nicest non provocotive image I could find!!

    So no, this is not what I normally wear...if only I had the figure to wear something so small and ruffled (though they don't look terribly practical, do they!)Sigh, very much a hoik 'em up and cover the scars and that nasty belly!!!

    I've always wondered what it might be like to have a small bum...!(and the rest)


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