Saturday, October 17, 2009


I did some work out in the garden this morning, planting some lavendar, parsley, chives and basil (more for its pretty flower and gorgeous scent than for any passion for cooking with fresh herbs!) by the chook run. 

So the birds are singing, beautiful morning out.  I'm having a lovely time. Getting dirty. LOTS of happy birds.

I'm listening to the birds while I work.  I start to hear something very familiar, but its coming from up in the tree! 

So what does it mean when a bower bird starts mimicking the long drawn out call "Muuuuuuuum!"  that we all hear!!

Seriously! It really happened.

That bird now does the cat(s) AND the kids down pat.

Anyhow, whilst on the subject of motherhood, when getting ideas for my foot fetish photos yesterday, I came across great Qld based photographer Rachel Richters blog. She is so good!  I don't have the link but it would be easy to find - worth checking out.  Below is one of the photos I found on her site:  if this doesn't make you all clucky and goey - just for a moment at least - than NOTHING will! 

I showed it to my husband, he took one look at it, looked at me, and ran very fast away from me and put his head under a pillow.

I think we are very definate about not having any more, don't you!

Just look at those little hands!  But then, I remember the crying, the pooping, the NO SLEEPING....and then they grow up and starting yelling out MUUUUUUM fifty million times a day, or enough to have the bower birds imitating them? 

Bower birds aside, I have more babies on the mind than the human ones right now... this week we have been busy shifting a mob of cows and baby calves, and there are a few stragglers left in the paddock, who I HOPE had their calves hidden away under a tree.  It's my job to go and see if these babies have appeared...otherwise we may have lost some. :-(  So its off we go and what mothers and babies are at the water trough... and I'll take my camera this time (forgot the other day, but I probably would have had a rock thrown at me if I'd dared to take the time to take photos - we were a wee bit busy and shorthanded!)


  1. look closer at her photo blog and you may see a scrappy lady you might recognise...not me
    and I know the clucky feeling...i will just have to wait VERY patiently to be a grandma :)

  2. I know I did see her and the family! but as she hasn't mentioned it on her blog (looks recent from the size of the kids), I thought she may have wanted to keep it quiet!


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