Thursday, October 15, 2009


As you know, I am the greatest procrastinator, and so in a effort to ignore the ever growing pile of clean washing clamouring to be folded and put away, I did THIS the other day.

"This" being the photography blog that my friend Mel (a local photographer, who is doing wonderful job doing weddings, even though she stresses so!!)  and I had been talking about for ages.  Between us, we were never going to get the time to do it together, so I just went and did it all by myself, using her photos that she had published on facebook.  I even whipped up the header (shown above) to showcase some of my favourites of her recent photo shoots.

What a learning curve!! I used a downloaded template, made some changes (finding JUST the right information when googled, which doesn't normally happen for me!), added a menu bar thingy at the top (VERY proud of that acheivement!) and while a few more twiddles and tweaks need to be done, as soon as I research if and how, its DONE!

Well done in the sense that it is set up, but not done in the sense that Mel needs to add some content! She asked that I not post the link here until she'd done that, but here I am posting, as a little kick up the bum to "get movin' Mel!" We want some photos!!

Anyhow, this is not going to get the washing folded (oh, where are you, folding fairies?!!) Best get to it - so I can reward myself with two things 1. cleaning up the office / scrapping desk (it seems to get in dissarray in 10.4 seconds after last tidied!) and 2. some scrapping!!


  1. Ahh my friend you and I have been spending our time the same way. I wish it had been scrapping but websites are more pressing. I have made one for our fundraising. My lovely husband has been helping. I will share in a post after he creates a button, I would like to share with you all. Great header, I LOVE it! The shot of the heels is awesome! Great work! And a talented photographer friend.

  2. Well, I read the post my Canadian friend Barb's blog that she posted 5 hours ago, and then I read your blog post that you posted 6 hours ago, and these two blogs, from opposite ends of the earth, started exactly the same way (and ended the same too!). Love it. Check it out.
    Brilliant photo header thingy, BTW!


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