Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home Again

Finally home after a hectic week! Trying to gather my thoughts and all of the crap that has accumulated - which is what happens when you arrive home for five minutes, dump ones huge grocery order and other bits of shopping, gather up work clothes and go again. Not much time for tidying up and putting things away !!

This was my week:
Saturday: ran around all day getting Kate's gear together for school camp. Wondering how out of 10 pairs of identical school socks purchased at beginning of year we now seem down to 6 pairs. Where do they go?!
Sunday arvo: put Kate on the bus to school camp. She was beyond excited to be going!
Monday arvo: handed over remaining kids to Granny where they departed for sleepover x 2 at her house. Then jumped in ute with Trevor and drove to coast. Into bed around 11:30pm.
Tuesday: Ran around the city all day shopping and picking up parts and the like, getting some building materials (yay!) to build the wall in my office. Collected "new" truck (as in new for us!) at 5:30pm, left for home. Got grocery order in Charters Towers and a quick bite to eat and then on the road again. Home at 11:40pm - in bed at 1:30pm.
Wednesday: unpacked the groceries, threw rest of shopping in pile. Rounded up clothes for me and kids, watered madly, fed all animals. Hooked on trailer loaded with 4 wheeler, went to load dogs to find they had run off somewhere. Much fuming and grumbling, left note for Trevor to collect them on his back from LC, where he had gone to before daylight. 10am left to collect kids from Granny's, enroute to my parents property. After lunch went out on 4 wheeler and helped muster cattle back to yards. 9pm in bed!!
Thursday: am helped mum sort out some computer problems whilst Trevor and men drafted cattle. After lunch headed out on motorbike again to bring in another big mob. Fun and games trying to get them to leave. Back to yards around 5:30pm. Feed the poddy that Trevor brought with him, poor little fellow.
Friday: leave men to drafting again; when kids up and eaten run the horses in. Smoko and then saddle horses for me and Georgie, and help walk cattle 5kms back to paddock. Angus came too with Trevor/Grandad. Georgie had a great time riding Ben. After lunch rounded up all of our gear and the poddy and came home. Collected Kate from the school at 7pm, returned from school camp.

And that leaves us with Saturday, and me not really wanting to do a lot, but considering that the wretched cats left the feathered remains of TWO birds strategically placed in the kitchen and bathroom, I really need to vaccuum up some stray fluffy feathers.

I have some photos of our adventures, so will post some soon, just after the feathers and feeding this poor little poddy, and the few other million things that need doing!


  1. Goodness me I am tired just reading! Sounds like you need a holiday - again already! Never ends does it. Hope Kate had a fantastic time away! Please go clean up the feathers, birds are not my favourite, especially dead half eaten ones! Eeeewwwww!

  2. Wow, I' tired too! Did you and Georgie REALLY stop for a smoko?? And what is a Poddy again? Is it an orphaned calf? I learn so much from your blog!

  3. sometimes I forget how much of a country hick I am! :-)
    definition #1 : smoko = morning or afternoon tea (I am thinking you might have taken it as having a cigerette/smoke?!) I think it probably comes from back in the olden days when the workers would have indeed stopped for a smoke (a roll your own kind in those days!) and a cup of tea and cake.

    definition #2: poddy = orphaned calf (you were right Nicole!) In some areas they are called bobby calves. I can't tell you why/where the name poddy came from. In this case, our poddy still had a mother, but she had bottle teats and he wasn't getting any milk so Trevor brought him home.

    And before you ask!! (the term "bottle teats" has given more than one non country friend a strange look after hearing it! ) Definition #3: bottle teats = teats that are so engorged that a small calf can not attach to the teat - the teat is wider at the bottom than at the top. This is normally trait that is genetically passed along, so more than likely any daughter of that cow would also have the same problem. If we can identify this cow when she comes back through the yards she will not be retained as a breeder and will be sold to the meatworks.

    Enough learning for one day?!

    Another country quirk - right now we have NO water (tanks empty) which fills me with SO much joy - I really want to shower + now I am forced to watch Starsky & Hutch until the water comes back on!

  4. Wow, it's a whole new cultural experience! And yes I definitely needed definition number 3 - I have never even seen a cow up close!


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