Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm All Alone

You remember how Donkey in Shrek sang that "I'm All Aloone"?Well, that's how that phrase is playing in my head right now.

Cause I am ALL ALONE! The first time since January 2003 that I have been all alone, all day AND ALL NIGHT at home (not counting hospital visits an the like of course)!! All three kids went for a sleepover at Granma's last night (even my 3 year old baby, who was NOT going to be left behind!), and they are then off to a sleepover at Granny's tonight. Oh, the social life of grandchildren - and aren't they going to be bloody impossible when they eventually get home?!

So, you would think that my husband and I would have planned a romantic evening together, seeing as there were no kids at home last night?! Wouldn't you?! (snort, snicker!) Instead, we both enjoyed the luxuriousness of our new leather lounges (him in the recliner snoring, me on the couch) and revelled in the peace and quiet. And had our dinner sitting on the aforementioned new lounge/s, enjoying that especially so as we have banned the kids from having food within a two metre radius of them (leading by example is a bugger isn't it?!)

Anyhow, the kids are at Granny's tonight, and Trevor has gone off on an adventure in the truck this morning, to the wilds of Central Qld, so I am truly ALL alone, until tomorrow night.

I really don't know what I should do with myself! I should tuck in and enjoy some uninterrupted scrapping, but instead, I think I will boot up the ole laptop and finish off the books for the campdraft. Seeing as I am secretary/treasurer (albeit reluctantly!) and all and its well past due!

Anyhow, seeing as I have droned on enough about being ALL ALONE, I thought I would share some other nonsense I have gathered randomly from the internet, in an effort to inspire me, and hopefully, you!

Right hand image - the tuapes and blues (on sale at Target!) I want to also refresh my spare room (poor thing!) and I really favour the beachy Hamptons look. You know, washed out blues and sandy tuapes and lots of white splashed everywhere.

I thought this was a clever little display, so easy to do with just some 12x12 yummy paper, in colours to match your room! Am I likely to do this? probably not!

Another take on the same idea. I am thinking high levels of gloss varnish would be needed to cope with the dust levels where I live. While not as hazy as a few days ago, still not good.

Bunting is really all the ragge at the moment, in all of the magazines and designer stores. But it is cute, simple and effective. I just MIGHT do this for my kids room refresheners, I think my sewing skills are up to this challenge! ;-)

This I AM going to have printed and framed in will hang in my office/craft room whenever its missing wall gets put up - because that wall will be exactly that colour. This won't hang on that wall, but will go somewhere else obvious.

And this butterfly art? Too easy and too cute. I think I've posted something similar before. But of course I have actually MADE anything like this!

A cute card, with buttons. I actually WAS going to make something like this, but ran out of time. Used a store bought one instead.

More die cutting and pop dotting shapes. Gee, its so effective isn't it?

And that's about it for now. Off to my laptop...but what's that I see....a Marian Keyes novel I haven't yet read?! (my new favourite authors: Irish ones - Marian Keyes (hilarious) Maeve Binchy (also funny, but with such great characters, AND one can hear the accent through the page) and Cecelia Ahearn (whimsical, funny, sad, infinatley readable) and also Cathy Kelly, but she's not quite as entertaining as the others.

Geez, it's so QUIET!!


  1. I am absolutely green with envy that you are all alone.
    My oldest is 16 and I don't think my husband and I have ever had a night alone since then (2 more girls born after)
    Enjoy the silence! :)

  2. with not ONE bit of bad food in the house that I can sit back and enjoy in peace, and have MORE if I want with no one nagging me.

    Now that was very badly planned! I don't even have a secret block of chocolate or icecream in the freezer!!

  3. very very badly planned...we will need to send you some weetbix slice!!!

  4. at the very least the RECIPE for it!! will post again soon, just gone crazy busy here after my two days alone - OMG the next week, until Friday is just full, and not much of it home. Everything has to happen all at the same time - business deals, cattle sales, kids on camp, cattle to shift....and so on. No bloody wonder my washing never gets folded!!


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