Sunday, October 11, 2009

Templates and Overlays

A while ago CZ posted a tutorial on how to make your own photo overlay template. Go here to check it out.

But, like many, I have wondered how to make rounded corners on my overlay. Surely it would be simple, but my grasp on PSE isn't all that great (I can edit photos, but don't ask me to do anything too creative!!)

But finally, the question has been answered!! I thought I would share it with you (discovered trawling through the comments on CZ's blog, hoping that someone else wanted to know how to do the same thing!)

"In PSE7 on a pc - use the rectangular marquee tool to draw your shape.Go to Select>Modify>Smooth, then about 50 pxls... to try it out. This will round the corners. To make it a bit less jaggedy, go to Select>Feather and type in 2 pxls.When you stroke the resulting selection it seems to take on the feathering - play with it and adjust as desired

BUT - wait there's more: You can get a nicely rounded edge after Heidi's "Select, Modify, Smooth, 50 pixels" by going to "Select, Refine Edges (Alt Cmd R)" and using the following settings: Radius 1.0, Contrast 100%, Smooth 100, Fether 2, Contrast/Edge 0"

I tried the first method, and yes it did work, but was left with quite jagged corners that needed some fiddling with. The second method worked brilliantly - even though my version of PSE did not have the "radius" bit, I entered the rest of the numbers and it worked fine.

So now I can make my own templates and overlays - but I have no idea how to make something with ONE rounded edge and one normal edge!! oh well. But at least my desire for rounded edges has now been fufilled.

Stay tuned, hope to share some of the results with you soon!


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for your nice comments about my daughter on my blog :)
    As far as PSE goes...I finally bought it, downloaded it...and that's it.
    I feel like I am looking at something in a different language
    Can't wait to see what you create...

  2. Thanks for this info Sharon, I've just been searching the web for a tutorial on how to do this.
    Not long ago when Rebecca Cooper was the guest blogger at Write. Click. Scrapbbok she posted some sites that have free actions that will automatically apply the rounded edge to your photos, but that wouldn't help with making your own templates.
    I'm sure Cathy would help, my cousin emailed her recently and she was extremly helpful and took plenty of time to help her out.


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