Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I came across this gorgeous birthday cake idea whilst checking out someone's blog (don't ask me who, I am terrible of keeping tabs! ooh, look, it was a photo by Leanne! she's over there someone on my blog roll. She has a great photography blog too) and thought what a gorgeous cake!!

Funnily enough, I have not long ago purchased a similar (though not as cute) little ornament from a $2 shop, that I thought would be a cute gift for my oldest daughter's next birthday (# 7).  It's ages away, at the end of January, but my chances of ever seeing anything like it again were slim, so bought it and put it in the cupboard.

I was just going to give it as a little gift - but now I am inspired!  I certainly wont be tangling with any marzipan in any shape or form, but I reckon with a sturdy enough cake and some generous applications of icing, perhaps I might be able to finally present a cake that doesn't look like a two year old has made! (perhaps I should be submitting to Cake Wrecks? sigh)

Remember this?  Melted icing and all (due to idiot me not working out the time frame for cooking + icing!)

Poor Kate, she always seems to cop the raw end of the deal when it comes to dodgy cakes!  The next birthday in the roster is actually mine (that "special" one that falls between 30 and 40...sigh) but seeing as it is so close after Christmas, I can nearly always get away no cake!

Watch this space in January for the next installment of "Dodgy Birthday Cakes"!


  1. That cake is seriously cute! I can't wait to see the ornament you have found, I think I'll go on a search for something like this too. The best thing about making this cake is that you can pre-make the top bit with the girl and then slap on some icing and gently pace it on top and suddenly all done, I like it! Tahlia turns 5 in Feb, that will give me enough time to get sorted :)

  2. dani cooked a delicious butter cake for maddys bday...straight from Donna Hay...but seriously delicious!!!
    you could do that and add the ornament on top...
    so what date are you....(35 i am guessing)...
    my bday is soon too

  3. You could totally do this!!! I have to tell you, that ready made hard icing is EASY!!!


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