Monday, May 23, 2011

catching up

if there is such a thing, doing some scrapbooking.  I'm at 2009 right now, and have gathered up a bundle of photos that will be presented in summary style, with an odd precious story thrown in as I see fit.

The first of them:

_MG_6788 In this case, a gathering of photos from the school year of 2009. I was going to wack on that title there "grade one" in some coloured letters and call it done, but I said to myself "self, don't be lazy, add a bit of something else!" so I tried the circle thing that I've seen around a bit. Not sure that I have carried it off actually, I don't think I was being random enough (or didn't think enough?!) in their placement, but you know my philosophy - its stuck down, story told (with little captions to boot) and looking nice and tidy.

And I find it funny that I have in the house another year one girl with no front teeth either. (Well, actually, front teeth that have FINALLY started to grow. Its taken quite some time! ) How time flies, with this big girl in grade three now, with much longer hair. I like it shorter, I have to say.

1 comment:

  1. You're a genious!
    I have the creativity of a dead wombat. Looks wonderful.


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