Thursday, May 19, 2011

getting ready for the show

Our annual town show is in a little over two weeks, and I've been quite slack over the past few years and not bothered with ANY entries what so ever.

This year the kids and I are putting in a few things: eggs, little collections (some very new! ;-) and some potted succulents, some scrapbooking, and just a few photos.

Thanks to Amy for the template! 

A sampling of what I decided to offer! (nicely showcased in a template from the ever talented Amy - thanks Amy!) across a few categories; obviously mostly my subjects are the kids. I've just remembered I've forgotten in include my favourite shot from the September wedding last year, oh well, too late now (having just uploaded and paid for this selection to print at Snapfish, who I hope are feeling speedy).

Lets call it my donation to the Show Society and our individual effort to fill spaces in the Show Pavilion. I might even have the kids do a drawing on nice cardstock. (or two of them, the third one shows great disdain for drawing, or if he does, its VERY, hilariously, minimalistic!)

Thoughts? Critiques? Ideas?

PS. Stamps: after we've decided to start a stamp collection ;-) I realised how few stamps I get on letters? If any Australian readers get some nicely stamped letters in the mail over the next few days, it would SO great if you could pop them in an envelope and post to me!

1 comment:

  1. That template is better than I thought seeing it on someone else's blog - if I do say so myself!

    I'll be on the lookout for stamps - though there is one coming your way as of this morning anyway - it is nice too, commented to the PO person about that very fact!


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