Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Little boys and getting back on the horse

The scrapping horse, so to speak. Its been awhile, both digi or real life paper, but finally I said, bugger it, the To Do List of Everything That Needs To Be Done is never ever ever ending, and scrapped.

Mostly this is because of Amy and my challenge to her to give ME a challenge to get off my bum inspired and motivated by. Specifically, her challenge was do scrap something that happened last week.  She's all about doing pages on the here and now. Amy even provided a sketch/template for those needing some extra prodding ahem. But nice template it indeed is.

So, with a recent conversation with child #3 playing in my head, as he yelled for me once again from the bathroom, I whipped up this:

little boy

Which may seem awfully familiar, seeing as the words and the photos came from a blog post just a few days ago. Told you I was going to scrap it! ;-) Ridiculously easy really, not much thought required as I had the words down already. Perhaps I should treat each page like a blog post.

Pop over to Amy's to see how everyone else treated this little challenge.

PS. Isn't that Echo Park range just adorable. Love their stuff.


  1. ooh love the page, well done and that's a great photo

  2. Hi Sharon ~ I just love your layout submission for Amy's challenge! The photo, the patterns and title are all adorable.

  3. Wow spectacular layout,reminds me of Melanie L's worrk, and she's the BEST!

  4. Great layout. I love the story. I have one just the same to tell.... lol


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