Tuesday, May 24, 2011

you don't see that everyday

Boy yells out to me, as he wanders around outside 'Mum! there is a bunny!"

Now, being broad daylight, in the middle of the day, I am very surprised to hear about a bunny scampering about the paddock, and I question his bunny sighting.

"Yes, Mum, I saw it running, over there! look there it is!" and he runs off through the back gate to investigate further.  I do look, and indeed see something that is rather larger than a bunny, moving through the grass. At first I think it is a small dirty, white pig but as I jump the fence with rather more speed and agility than I normally would do, I reassess.

"It's a koala!"

_MG_6796Now, although we live in the sticks, it is beside a major highway and the traffic can be fairly constant.  Our back paddock however is reasonably close (in bush terms) to some timber and a creek, so I am surmising this fellow has come from there. Angus tells me that he was heading towards the road when the noise of the traffic turned him back.

_MG_6800I sent Angus for my camera, and hollered out to the school kids, who were on their lunch break and running around not far away. You can actually see them running through the school grounds, in the background of the first photo.  (now you know how close to school we live!)

This fellow ended up climbing to the top of the power pole once the audience arrived, and about half an hour later climbed down and we saw him move to the solitary gum tree on our back fence (away from the road). We'll check later to see if its still there, or moved on to a quieter part of the world!

An exciting day for all parties!


  1. My kids are genuinely impressed! We've never seen a koala in a zoo, forget about in our yard. On the other hand, we regularly see Proghorn Antelope in our neighborhood.

  2. Spelling correction : Pronghorn...


  3. Cool! Great photos, and I never knew you lived so close to the school!

  4. How exciting! I would love to have this cute little guy in my yard... :)


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